A Startup, starting in Berlin

A Startup, Starting In Berlin

  • Aug 07, 2020
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At Auditeers, we started an online company because we wanted to be free and location independent.  Next to our "home base" office in Breda, the Netherlands, we traveled all over the world. We teamed up with other independent tech-workers and used freelancers to grow our company without employees' need to build a 9 to 5 office.

And along came Corona

I had many plans for 2020. Skiing in France, travel the Mediterranean on a cruise ship, explore the Baltic states by kayak and hike in Finland. Plans to head back to Taiwan and Bangkok, some conferences in the United States, and hitting the beach in Mexico. All of which got canceled because of a worldwide pandemic.

Quarantaine, stuck in Breda

We never spent this much time at our office in Breda, the Netherlands. But by being stuck in Breda, we also got held in our ideas. Usually, we would come up with new creative solutions on a daily base. Now we turned into old fashioned office-grinders.

Travel industry got hit, and so did we

You might have noticed we love to travel. That's why (or because of that) most of our clients and products are within the travel industry. The high average sales are perfect for performance-based marketing. Because of this, we got struck by the travel bans and the decline in travel. 

We found other ways to keep ourselves busy, including building tools for the event industry, and we started the rebranding of our company.

Then there is; Berlin.

Having many friends in Berlin (and to be honest because of the clubs) we visited this city already many times.  With the German-Dutch borders open, we could travel between Berlin and Breda (yes, there is a direct train between Amsterdam and Berlin). These reasons are why we ended up in Berlin and decided to get a place to work at one of the many coworking spaces.

Read on: B-Part Berlin Am Gleisdreieck

Berlin has a unique startup scene fueled by art, housing- and office space is still affordable, a huge German and European market, and a great work-life balance attracts many young tech-workers to the city. 

Auditeers, the Traffic Company; Germany

So it is now official. Rebranding to a media buying company and expanding further into Europe. A new chapter awaits, after COVID-19, in Berlin. 

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